Monday, November 22, 2010

what a wonderful monday fever

i had a lot of pressure today.
but i think dis f***in pressure
started the nite before which is
lastnite la :P
i had a good faught with him.
he makes me so terriblely in anger.
plus today which is monday..
i had to reschedule my special report.
flood preparation and DBKL.
i got this two assignment actually on
Friday.ok friday i kje petang,masuk kul 3.
call sane sini tgk da bis opis what do u
weekends thanks god im on off.
so today i masuk petang..u ingt orang2 tu nk
layan ke kalo i nk mintak inteviu.n they had
a good reason why dey dint want to inteview.
i really dint like the way u ask me..
to do this to do that.
hey wake up.
im on leave.
so do aspect me to call here and there..
so stop pushing me here and that.

**u pissed me off man

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